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Welcome to, the (current) home of the Archaeological Software Directory.

The Archaeological Software Directory is currently in 'Beta' and may experience changes to the forms, templates and URL's used, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please have a play, make some contributions, and send me feedback at john AT layt DOT net, or via Twitter @odysseus_nz.

The Archaeological Software Directory (ASD) is intended to be a central directory of all software used in Archaeology, with a focus on specialist Free or Open Source archaeological software. Proprietary software is welcome where it is Archaeology-specific, as is more general use Open Source software that would be useful to Archaeologists, but general use proprietary software is discouraged. For example, the proprietary Harris Matrix Composer is listed, as is the open source LibreOffice, but Microsoft Office will not be. Where proprietary software is listed, you are strongly encouraged to provide links to open source alternatives. Digital Humanities software is also welcome to be added, but we may need a more generic name for the directory!

The directory lists general information about the software, the source code, associated resources, and allows users to add reviews. Reviews will be moderated.

To contribute to the directory we request that you create an account so other users can assess the reputation of contributors. After that, you may add new entries by first adding the Software Developer then adding the Software.