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Name: Harris Matrix Composer

Short Description: An application for creating Harris Matrices.

Full Description: "Manage your excavation project by building up a Harris Matrix, as introduced by the famous archaeologist Dr. Edward C. Harris. With this application you can compose a Harris Matrix representing the stratigraphy of your excavation with an intuitive graphical user interface. Stratigraphic relations can be complemented with temporal ones and stratigraphic units can be grouped into structural entities called phases and into periods"

Software Type: GUI

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Developed By: Imagination Computer Services

Home Page: http://www.harrismatrixcomposer.com/

Platform(s): OS X, Windows, Java


Core Language(s): Java

Extension Langauge(s):

Cost: Commercial with Free Trial

Source Code: Closed

Source Licence(s): Proprietary

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Categories: Harris Matrix



Last Released Version: 2.0b

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Last Checked On: 2015/04/07